Latest 25 Free Lists of Podcast Submission Sites

A list of free podcast submission websites that you can use to promote your audio content is provided below.

An offline, on-demand radio or audio show is simply a podcast. It is an audio story, program, discussion, serial, news, and analysis that you can download to your phone or computer and listen to whenever and wherever you want. You can also download it to your computer. You can use it for information, entertainment, education, a way to pass the time, motivation, or brain stimulation, among other things. Over 150,000 English-only podcasts are currently available, and the number keeps rising.

If you want to post your audio files and boost their search engine rankings, you should always submit them to podcasts. Make certain that the audio file you upload for your podcast is always interesting. In this post, we will provide you with a list of free places to stay for digital recordings, which will greatly assist you in increasing your webcast’s traffic.

  1. Join the world’s best podcast app at Player FM – Podcast Smarter to manage your favorite shows online and play them offline on our Android and iOS apps. It’s easy and free!
  2. SoundCloud – Pay attention to free music and web recordings on SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a music and web recording streaming stage that allows you to pay attention to a huge number of tunes from around the world, or transfer your own. Now is the time to listen!
  3. With Audioboom, you can host, distribute, and monetize your podcast.
  4. 10. Pocket Casts:
  5. Own your podcast at Podcast hosting, stats, and PowerPress | Blubrry Podcasting Choose a reputable podcast hosting provider and host your podcast on the first and only IAB-certified podcast stats platform: Podcasting for Blubrry.
  6. Add a Podcast at
  7. Audio Kiosko, podcast, radio, mp3 and more – iVoox is a platform for reproducing, downloading, and sharing audios of all genres and themes. It is also a kiosco for listening to podcasts and radio.
  8. For podcasters, visit to upload your free podcast to CastBox and reach new listeners.
  9. Podcasting: Podcast Blaster, the Simple Way to Podcast! Podcasting in a simple way. Podcastblaster offers podcast software, a free podcast feed generator, a podcast directory, podcasting advice, and the most recent news about podcasting.
  10. The SciFi Diner Podcast can be found at Here, we discuss the most recent sci-fi movies and shows in a fiery discussion.
  11. Listen Notes: The most extensive podcast database available online. The best podcast search engine. Choose the best podcasts. You can search the audio transcripts and show notes of podcasts by people, places, or subjects.
  12. Spreaker provides you with all of the tools you need to start a podcast and distribute it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other platforms. Spreaker is the simple way to create and distribute your podcast. Enjoy our podcast collection, monetization tools, and analytics.
  13. Nashville Podcasters ( is a monthly gathering of established podcasters for support, inquiries, and assistance. Established podcasters gather monthly for support, inquiries, and assistance.
  14. Portal to the Universe:
  15. Home – OzPodcasts
  16. The UK Podcast Directory lists UK-based podcasts produced by UK-based podcasters.
  17. Start a podcast exactly how you want it to be with free podcast hosting from Podbean at You get everything you need from Podbean, including dependable podcast hosting, unlimited bandwidth and storage, marketing tools, podcast advertising, and premium content. Podbean is used by more than 180 thousand people to make stunning podcasts. Right now, you can try it for free.
  18. crowdCaster
  19. Web recording Registry Web recording Registry Web recording Registry Including Free Sound and Video Digital broadcasts You Can Gain From. We’ve screened great many digital recordings to find the ones of the greatest quality that will educate, motivate, and illuminate you.
  20. The public dial on GigaDial is a novel approach to radio programming. You can utilize it to make and buy into digital broadcast fueled stations made out of individual episodes from our number one podcasters.
  21. Podkeep: exclusive podcast content
  22. Propose your podcast at, the world’s leading iPod resource for news, reviews, forums, tips and tricks, downloads, and more. The best place to find all of your podcasts, podcast definitions, podcast software, and the best podcast directory is Mirpod.
  23. African Podcasts is a platform where Africans can discover podcasts created and produced by Africans. With our voices, we honor Africa. Everywhere, enjoy Africa.
  24. RPG CASTS is the best place to find the most recent RPG podcasts available online: your best source for the most recent RPG podcasts that are currently streaming online!
  25. Women in Podcasting – Women’s Podcast Directory ( Women in Podcasting is a centralized listing of outstanding female podcasters.

If you have any other websites, please share with us to post here.

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